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Below are the best weddings we captured to date. 
Below are the best weddings we captured to date. 
Below are the best weddings we captured to date. 
Below are the best weddings we captured to date. 
Below are the best weddings we captured to date. 



Below are the best weddings we captured to date. If you want to learn about the whole experience, including our process, the pricing and some FAQ, head over to the Experience site.
Wedding Trailer.00_00_40_17.Standbild001.png

In the charming town of Leichlingen, Nadine and Daniel's love story unfolds, filled with genuine laughter and heartfelt joy, reflecting the beauty of their beloved surroundings. Surrounded by dear friends and family, they come together to celebrate their union, marking the beginning of their lifelong journey.


"We are very grateful that Jan and Max accompanied us on our wedding day.

In the relaxed discivery meeting, they provided us with professional advice and catered to our desires.

All of our guests found Jan and Max extremely likeable.

The wedding trailer was an absolute hit for us. The 7-minute wedding film perfectly captures our day. It deeply moved us and our families. It's incredible what these two guys have achieved.

They even sent us some great photos after delivering the film.

Thank you very much and continued success in your projects!"

- Janine + Björn

Wedding Film Christine + Dennis.02_00_08_22.Standbild004.jpg

"Jan and Max accompanied our wedding in April and made it possible for us to now have a truly magnificent memory of this special day forever. The pre-wedding consultations, on-site support, and post-production were highly professional and conducted on an equal footing. They took all our wishes into consideration and provided fantastic ideas.

We would be delighted to work with them again! A heartfelt thank you to both of you!"

- Christine + Dennis


"Jan and Max are really two super likeable, motivated young men, who you can clearly see enjoying their work. We are very happy and grateful that the two have captured these great moments for us and cut together such beautiful videos for eternity. We were in regular contact during the pre-planning which made it super pleasant and stress-free.

We definitely recommend the guys and would book them again to capture beautiful memories and celebrate with them."

- Sarah + Oliver

Wedding Trailer.00_00_40_39.Standbild001.jpg
Thumbail Wedding.png

"Please don't be fooled! Despite their young age, the two boys are very professional and at the level of long-standing professionals! Chapeau! The result is fresh, innovative, surprising and touching! We can't imagine our wedding without Jan and Max - the two ensure a chilled, cool and relaxed atmosphere! Jan! Max! Thank you again for the most beautiful memories - we are very happy that you made the most beautiful day of our lives."

- Marta + Alex


We produced for that gorgeous couple a Bridal  Video in the beautiful creation in Northrhine Westfalia. It was a dream and a pleasure shooting these two lovely people showing their love for each other.

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